Boeing diagnostic models

Aircraft Test Technician

In this regard, the interface is capable of receiving data relating to remedial actions undertaken with respect to at least one suspect component.

Still further, the method and apparatus 10 of the present invention can provide additional information to a model builder or other user regarding a selected symptom.

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Diagnostic tools for change – the Boeing case study

As noted above, the systemic information is typically related to the system components and the input-output relations of the system subcomponents that are connected. You can leave a responseor trackback from your own site. Skills — Boeing has bet its future on the market developing a partiality for smaller aircraft, like their new 7E7.

The fourth part is staff; the company had several problems in managing their staff. As such, portable electronic maintenance aids have been developed in order to maintain a portable library of maintenance documents for mechanics. As such, a mechanic must sometimes copy the pages of the manual that seem to be most relevant and proceed to the gate to repair the aircraft.

Application of model-based diagnostic technology on the Boeing 777 Airplane

Overall, the Star model helps prevent the typical problems of Boeing, and helps leaders ensure that change initiatives are driven by a strategy, or a set of strategic business objectives. In some instances, the mechanic may be able to obtain additional information related to the problem from various onboard computers, sensors or the like.

If, however, the aircraft has additional flights scheduled for later in the day, the mechanic generally determines if the suspect LRU s are necessary for continued operation of the aircraft by consulting a minimum equipment list MEL.

By automatically constructing the diagnostic network model in this manner, the diagnostic network model can be constructed more efficiently, both in terms of time and expense, since experts need not be consulted as extensively. There are five elements that comprise the Star Model, and drive the assessment and planning for change, include: External environment, mission and strategy, leadership, organizational culture, and individual and organizational performance are considered the transformational factors Burke, Each node representing an LRU usually root or parentless nodeshas at least two mutually exclusive and collectively exhaustive states e.

A representation of the plurality of components and symptoms may be displayed and at least one of the components and symptoms as displayed may be selected.

Diagnostic tools for change – the Boeing case study

In one embodiment, the structured format of the electronic representation of the document includes a plurality of tags identifying respective fields. As such, the various functions identified by the menu window of FIG. Boeing diagnostic models that you believe provide a framework that succinctly identifies the key factors at the center of the Boeing situation.

Boeing is now testing augmented reality on smart glasses to show mechanics hands-free, interactive 3D wiring diagrams, rather than forcing them to view two-dimensional, ft.-long drawings and retain that information while doing repairs.

Advantage - Engine OEM, physics-based engine models Technology need: Adaptable/Generalized multivariate, statistics-based models with means to personalize and make deterministic.

Boeing Case Study Solution & Analysis

Aug 29,  · By reading through the Boeing case study, it is easy to see that the Star Model can really help identify issues at Boeing. The Star Model is a framework that guides the assessment, planning and implementation of organizational change to ensure sustainable performance improvement.

It will clarify the essential three diagnostic models which include the Burke-Litwin Model. This model will be given to provide a framework to pinpoint the key factors of the Boeing issue and organization chaotic situation will be examined fully.

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Boeing diagnostic models
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Application of model-based diagnostic technology on the Boeing Airplane | Request PDF