A study on customer s satisfaction on pantaloons

From the table it can be inferred that majority of the respondents became aware of Pantaloons through advertisements in televisions and radio i. Pantaloons has a variety of jewellery in both gold and imitation jewellery. The development of glyphosate resistance in weed species is emerging as a costly problem.

The development of glyphosate resistance in weed species is emerging as a costly problem. Customer relationship management is ahead of the transactional exchange and facilitates the marketer to understand the customer's sentiments and buying habits so that the customer can be provided with products and services before he starts demanding.

All one has to do is Search, Register and Buy. They also are aesthetically repugnant, which is just as important a factor to consider when talking about the nourishment of food.

This is reflected in the liabilities side of the balance sheet through - 43 - an increase in borrowings by Rs. Out of the Box thinking has become a way of life at Pantaloons and living with the change, a habit.

All classes of customers were met and their views were analyzed.

Service Quality and Student Satisfaction Essay

All stores have a wide variety of categories like casual wear, ethnic wear, formalwear, party wear and sportswear for Men, Women and Kids. Most of the respondents belong to the age group between i.

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Please give your suggestions: In Meyer and Conklin study, they found that variety of food offered and flavored of food highly influenced satisfaction.

Pantaloons Fresh Fashion stands out as a fashion trendsetter, on the lines of how fashion is followed internationally. This block will remain in place until legal guidance changes. Research done by Ekinchi et al. The data used is primary in nature.

Besides proposition suggested by Berry et al. Basic Factors — Dissatisfiers — Must have The minimum requirements which will cause dissatisfaction if they are not fulfilled. The sampling design consists of sampling method and sample size.

Amount spent during purchase: The award was presented to Future Bazaar for its "decent, no-nonsense approach, while providing a good shopping experience". In retail sector instead of selling services they will eventually start to sell experiences that augment the actual product.

Indeed, not many people know that during the last few decades the agricultural products on which our life depends have degenerated extremely rapidly. Perceived service quality is a function of the interaction among three independent variables: It was the first to introduce the concept of the retail departmental store for the entire family through Pantaloons in In my opinion regarding cerealsthe genetic causes in these plants which are seen as the only factor for disease are not certainly the only cause that should be pointed in this serious issue of the intolerance to food: This study states that a customer thinks in different ways and this is termed as consumer behaviour.

Please mark your level of expectation from the store regarding the listed parameters: Internal controls and their adequacy. In this present time of transition. It proved that variables such quality of food, service quality and environment will affect student satisfaction in dining experience.

This will help food provider improve in certain area to make sure customers will be satisfied in their services.

A Study on Customer Satisfaction with Pantaloons Essay

Pantaloons Fresh Fashion stores have presence with stores not just in Metros but also in smaller towns. The respondents are customers of Pantaloons store in Bangalore,Coimbatore and Tiruppur city. Growing and preparing food ought to be a sacramental service. In dynamic market conditions, it is vitally important to perceive and satisfy customer needs.

It can be inferred that that the majority of the respondents are female i. In the quest of creating an Indian model of retailing, Pantaloon has taken initiatives to launch many retail formats that have come to serve as a benchmark in the industry. There are no more subtle energies in these debased foods, let alone mere measureable nutrients or soul-satisfying taste and vitality.

Pedro March 11, at 4:. Customer Relationship Management [Pantaloons] “CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT & CUSTOMER SATISFACTION” The outcome of the study attempts to throw some light on the current state of consumer mind, taste and preference regarding the brands and product available in the store.

One of the company's first initiatives in this direction was to evolve the 'Pantaloons' stores into departmental stores, largely focusing on apparel and accessories.

To differentiate 'Pantaloons' stores from the prevailing, traditional un-organized stores, the company positioned it as a family store. A study on customer satisfaction provided at pantaloons 1. A STUDY ON CUSTOMER SATISFACTION PROVIDED AT PANTALOONS Submitted by Shekhar Jyoti Das PGDM-ABPM 2.

INTRODUCTION Pantaloons is owned by Aditya Birla fashion and retail Limited, A US $4 billion diversified industry and India's largest manufacturer of linen fabric. India's largest.

The study was made with the following objectives: 1.

Customer Relationship Management [Pantaloons]

To present a brief profile of customers in the apparel retail outlets 2. To understand the customer’s level of satisfaction in the selected retail outlets 3. To have a comparison of the selected Apparel retail stores in organized sector in Ahmedabad VII.


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Abdul Kalam Technical University, Lucknow. Firstly, this report examines consumer’s perception towards one of the private label women’s wear brand of Pantaloons, “Annabelle”, in terms of preferences, frequency of purchase, factors influencing the customer while purchasing this brand, other brands preferred for purchase of formal wear, etc.

A study on customer s satisfaction on pantaloons
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